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Blog | She's one Tough Mudder
Blog | She's one Tough Mudder

Renee Muhina, the 3rd ever female to run 50 Tough Mudders and a key member of Team KitBrix. Renee has been with the team since the beginning and has been an inspiration to the team and many Tough Mudder athletes. Getting to 50 completed events, including the World's Toughest Mudder, Renee continues to lead from the front with her own style, in her own way.

"I still cannot believe that I get called an athlete. At most, I call myself a fun runner. Rewind 5 years, I was a gaming addict who would be on the computer 24/7. I would even take days off from work as part of my holiday to try out new games. I seriously thought I was going to become a 'crazy gamer lady'. That was until my friend showed me a promo video for Tough Mudder - and I said... 'Why the hell not?'

In an age where young women are being broadcast across social media portraying perhaps a less than honest lifestyle, Renee truly lives her life as it is shown. Whether in the gym, throwing daggers at hay bales or running in the mud, Renee's social account gives a very real lens into her life, revealing her to be a very warm, unique and loveable character (despite the axe-throwing!) With a multitude of skills and perhaps a level of self-confidence she doesn't really know she has, Renee has made a transition from gamer to mud runner with hard work, grit and determination while having fun along the way.

Although she still loves to play the odd game, her heart is very much into fitness and the outdoors. We got the chance to catch up with her recently as she returned from the Special Forces Experience in Wales.

"After a 9-hour drive, I rocked up at Scotland's Tough Mudder 2014, on my own, unsure what to expect, but I did it. I fell in love...."


Tough Mudder

The Tough Mudder event was created as an endurance event designed to test the psychological and physical strength of its contestants with a focus on teamwork. Tough Mudder is not a race, it is a challenge. What Renee and many others have found is a sense of belonging and camaraderie in this event which appeals to any level of fitness. While some sports pretend to be for 'off the sofa' participants, mud runs and obstacle races are true to this statement.

With its huge popularity in recent years, many companies have started to see the pros of being involved. From work-wear brands to lifestyle clothing companies, there are many jumping on the bandwagon and the future looks bright (orange?) if the events manage to carry their original message of 'All for one and one for all'.

In the eight years since Tough Mudder events began springing up around the world, more than a million people have taken part. The drive to get away from the office at weekends and get outside in the mud is attractive on many levels. The real world is isolated, predictable and annoyingly safe. Tough Mudder is about adventure, teamwork, and overcoming all fear.  


Renee's first Tough Mudder

"After a 9-hour drive, I rocked up at Scotland's Tough Mudder 2014, on my own, unsure what to expect, but I did it. I fell in love. The next day I purchased a season pass and signed up to a gym. I just remember being exhausted and driving back home in a lot of pain."

The Scottish Tough Mudder event takes place at Drumlanrig Castle. A suitable setting for a battle of all nations and hosts, this year’s (2018) Europe’s Toughest Mudder will see many of Team KitBrix attend. 8 hours, starting at midnight, filled with mud and obstacles. Renee will be taking on all the mind-numbing terrain and ghastly trails that Drumlanrig Castle has to offer once again.

"Since my first event, I have completed 59 Tough Mudders, including three World's Toughest Mudders. Totalling over 1100 miles of Tough Mudder and an endless amount of obstacles."


It's personal

"Tough Mudder has changed my life. It’s made me a sucker for a challenge and seeing how far I can push myself. It has also restored my faith in humanity as I have met so many amazing and incredible people along the way. It's an incredible feeling when a stranger helps you without a second thought; it changed my perspective on life in general."

Renee clearly has found herself over the course of her Tough Mudder adventure and continues to spread the word in her own way about how it has changed her life. Her dedication, however, doesn't come cheap, with a number of flights to Vegas for World's Toughest Mudder and Europe’s Tough Mudder locations factored in, but she states that every penny is worth it.

As part of Team KitBrix she is a prominent figure and one we are delighted to support. She will be part of our 2018 team which aims to support others as well as win races. Renee lives a life that some would envy and she approaches challenges head-on with no regrets.

You will find Renee on Instagram @kitbrix_renee

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Blog | She's one Tough Mudder | Written by the Renee Muhina, Team KitBrix OCR


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