1. Where can I buy KitBrix? KitBrix can be purchased direct from this website in a number of global locations.

2. Do you deliver to Europe? Yes, we deliver to Europe! 

3. Do you deliver to the USA & Worldwide? Yes we do! 

4. Are the KitBrix bags the same apart from colour? Yes! The KitBrix bags have been designed to be exactly the same apart from colour The same structure allows the bags to be zipped together for easy travel and to be carried in rucksack form.

5. What do I actually get when I order a KitBrix bag? When you order your KitBrix bag, you will receive a strap that can be used in a number of locations on the bag PLUS if you get a second KitBrix you can use the two straps to form a rucksack! 

6. Can I bespoke my icon? Yes! You can get team icons by emailing customerservices@kitbrix.com. Please note a minimum order quantity will apply.