1. Where can I buy KitBrix?

KitBrix can be purchased direct from this website in a number of global locations.

2. Do you deliver to Europe?

Yes, we deliver to Europe! 

3. Do you deliver to the USA & Worldwide?

Yes we do! Visit KitBrix USA here.

4. Are the KitBrix bags the same apart from colour?

Yes! The KitBrix bags have been designed to be exactly the same apart from colour. The same structure allows the bags to be zipped together for easy travel and to be carried in rucksack form.

5. What do I actually get when I order a KitBrix bag?

When you order your KitBrix bag, you will receive a strap that can be used in a number of locations on the bag, Icons that can be inserted in the outside of your KitBrix, PLUS if you get a second KitBrix you can use the two straps to form a rucksack! 

6. Can I bespoke my KitBrix?

Yes! You can get team icons by emailing customerservices@kitbrix.com. Please note a minimum order quantity will apply.

7. Is the KitBrix Bag Waterproof?

The base of the bag is waterproof, the bag itself is water resistant to exceptional levels but because the zippers interlink we are not able to 100% claim the bag is waterproof…nearly though!

It will more than hold off rain but cannot be submerged, it most definitely is the best thing available for lakeside mud, pond edges, the side of a wet grassy pitch and indeed any other rough terrain. That is a key and unique feature of the brand that fans have loved.

8. What insert do you have?

Currently the bag simply has a roof pocket for placing your own check list for kit you need, and an external pocket for a graphic insert. This will save so much pain and even money from forgetting articles you need. Inside the bag there is a hugely robust side pocket for valuables.  

9. Is there a minimum order quantity?

No there is no minimum order quantity.

10. Are the straps adjustable?

Yes. The strap has an 8” adjustability strap that is padded for comfort. Some people prefer to take off the outer overwrap and use the less bulky single nylon strap.

11. How quickly will my KitBrix be delivered?

Orders will be shipped to arrive within 5 working days. If you require faster delivery please send us an email.

12. What are your delivery charges?

For all orders over £70, delivery is free of charge. For orders under £70 a standard delivery fee of £6 applies

13. What is your returns policy?

Please share with us within 14 days your reason for wishing to return the bag. If it is simply a colour change request, of course we can help with an exchange, but you may have to pay delivery. If there is a bag fault there will be a no quibble exchange. Please therefore shows us the reason you wish to return the bag, by picture to returns@kitbrix.com, for us to review.

14. What is your exchange policy?

Please share with us within 14 days your reason for wishing to exchange the bag. If it is simply a colour change request, of course we can help with an exchange, you may have to pay delivery.

15. How do I request a return?

Email returns@kitbrix.com

16. If my item is not covered by warranty, can I still make repairs? 

Let’s see the bag by picture before doing any home-repairs. There may be an easy resolution, but we pride ourselves on the most robust nature of the product, the ridiculously hard wearing style we designed and we see the KitBrix bag as a bag for life. Treated well, but nevertheless expecting outdoor impact your bag is able to cope with any situation.

17. What is your approach to Sustainability?

Our approach to Sustainability is centered around creating robust and long-lasting bags. Our bags and accessories have been carefully designed to be able to withstand the harshest of treatment, the most brutal weather conditions and the toughest terrain. We have not yet been able to replicate the durability that plastic offers. We are fully aware of the impact that plastic can have on the environment, so our bags are designed for longevity and not to be replaced. As a result, we hope to reduce throwaway single-use plastic and over production.

In the past we have been guilty of using plastic in the wrong way, by including unnecessary plastic in our packaging. A recent push has aimed to remove ALL single use plastic from our packaging, replacing it with less harmful alternatives where needed. Our most recent improvement was the introduction of our industrially compostable PLA bag.