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What do you use for a sailing bag
What do you use for a sailing bag

Those open seas can be a risky place to take your belongings, with the high waves and the accidental slips into the sea, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful thought every time!

With a few months left of the sailing season, you’re probably well in your stride and riding the waves. This might be the perfect opportunity for you to finally give sailing a go, or maybe you’re off on a first time sail with some seasoned friends. Whatever the reason, we’re going to break down everything you’re going to need in a very useful list.

Before we dive into what to put in a sailing bag, let’s think about the sailing gear bag itself. The key here is finding something waterproof, and that’s where the DobiPak dry bag comes in handy! With 12 litres to fill, the DobiPak is the perfect companion for keeping your dry stuff dry, or keeping your wet kit separate after you’re back on dry land. What’s more, is that the DobiPak can also hold an XXL wetsuit! Talk about handy.

So, the important part. What's going in your waterproof sailing bag?


First things first, stay protected. Sailing season usually falls over the summer months, but the harsh sunlight can really bounce off of the water’s surface and add to sunburn and exposure, so make sure you’re never without a layer of sunscreen. 


Keep your eyes protected and your vision clear. The direct and reflected sunlight from the water’s surface is much more extreme than on land and it can really disrupt your sailing experience, so get a good pair of sunglasses to take with you.

Water Bottle

With sun exposure at large, it’ll be really easy to become dehydrated. Staying hydrated plays an important part of your sport activities, and that’s no different when it comes to sailing. A reusable and refillable water bottle should stay with you at all times.

First Aid Kit

A mini first aid kit will fit nicely inside your waterproof dry bag. When you’re out on the open water there are a number of things that can go wrong like a fall from a slippery surface, a cut or rope burn, even a bump on the head. Be ahead of the game when it comes to you and your team's health and safety. Include alcohol wipes, plasters and bandages, some anti-sickness meds and pain reliever as and when it’s needed. 

Sailing shoes

Flip flops or canvas trainers won’t be ideal for a day on the water. Your feet need total protection from breaks, bruises, cuts and sprains, so a decent pair of sailing shoes will go a long way. Sailing shoes should be lightweight, breathable and quick drying with the best possible grip. Remember, functionality over fashion!

With these essentials packed into your sailing bag, you’ll be well on your way to a fantastical day of sailing. 


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