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Who else hates getting their kit mixed up on a training day? Who likes to be organised and prepared? And who else has never looked back after getting themselves a KitBrix?

Whether you're using your KitBrix as a swim bag, a running bag, a cycling bag or an OCR bag, if you’re even using it as a tool bag for long rides or coaching, how good does it feel to have all of your gear organised and allocated in your KitBrix??

KitBrix is a robust and durable kit bag for people who love sport and adventures. Designed to simplify your packing and sporting experience, each different bag stands out for its versatility and contents control, making all your stuff easily accessible whenever you need it. What’s more, you can use different compartments to store wet and dry kit, your clean clothes to change into after your session, and keep an organised list in the waterproof window to make sure you don’t forget a thing!

Already own a KitBrix? Our Interchangeable Icons switch up the purpose of your bag with different icons to suit different activities. Simply insert the icon of your chosen sport or activity into the front of any KitBrix bag and pack it with all the kit you’ll need…


The ultimate kit bag for cyclists. Get organised ready for the event with your pump and lights in one compartment and your helmet in the next. 


Need to carry tools and equipment in your KitBrix? Say no more. Fill your KitBrix with everything you’ll need to tackle the day, with compartments sized well enough for loose screws, handheld tools and even your drill!


Separate wet and dry kit with the KitBrix compartments, with room for your towel and changing robe. Explore the rest of the KitBrix Swim range here.


Hit the gym with everything you need all in one place. Switch out the icon and repurpose your bag while you train for the next event. 


Refereeing a game? Are you the on-site first aider? Bring your own supplies and be seen with your Medic icon.

… and so many more! From OCR tournaments to Triathlon, and Off-Road to Golf, meet the bag that is as adaptable as your changing hobbies.

Part of a team? Each KitBrix bag can be zipped to another to make moving bags across the pitch so much less hassle, or you can zip together to form a rucksack, saving time in transition and travel for all sports. So your Kitbrix can be used as a mountain climbing bag, a camping bag, as simple as a gym bag or as necessary as a first aid bag! Why not represent your team with a custom team sports bag?


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