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The Ultimate Tennis Equipment List
The Ultimate Tennis Equipment List

You don’t have to be a superstar pro to try your hand at Tennis, but if you’ve got the right gear, you’ll feel like you own the courts. With an audience of 15.5 million this year, it’s likely that you didn’t miss much of the Wimbledon action earlier this summer, so instead of watching - get out there and play!

Let’s get you ready to go with the ultimate tennis equipment list so you can fill up your KitBrix and hit the courts.

Tennis Racket

As the most essential tool for play, the right tennis racket will make your practice or game day seamless. You’ll need to find the right racket to match your skill level and swing, coming in all different weights and sizes. If you’re looking for a racket that matches your skill level, a general thing to look out for is the size of the head. The bigger the head, the easier it is to make contact with the ball, so if you’re a beginner, look for an oversized racket head. More experienced players might find the benefits of a smaller racket for precision and swing. 

Tennis Balls

You’d probably assume tennis balls are just tennis balls - they all do the same thing, right? As it goes, you’ll be able to differentiate tennis balls into three categories. Recreational and championship balls are good for beginners and those that play for fun, and professional balls for those who take tennis a little more seriously. If you sign up to play in a league, the organisers will tell you which balls to use. Different tennis balls are also referred to by type, so type 1 (fast speed) are made with a thicker rubber and are the size of a standard tennis ball. Type 2 (medium speed) are the most common, standard balls, and type 3 (slow speed) are slightly larger in diameter and move slower in flight. 

Tennis Shoes

Now, tennis shoes are a pretty common term for a sneaker, but there are a few key things to set aside from normal shoes. Tennis shoes are designed with static movement in mind which is down to the stop-start nature of tennis. They’re flat soles and durable, whereas running shoes are built with impact and speed in mind. Tennis shoes aren’t exactly crucial for beginners, so if you’d rather wear the shoes you’re comfortable in, hit the court!

Tennis extras

Don’t forget a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated, and whatever else you feel comfortable playing sports in - just don’t forget a microfiber towel to keep you dry and cool. We’re talking pleat skirts, quick-drying t-shirts, headbands, wrist bands, as long as they don’t flap about as restrict your play, game on. You don’t have to follow Wimbledon’s strict dress code every time you play, but why not dress for success! If you’re starting out with a plan to end up in the big leagues, fake it til you make it. 

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