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What to Take Camping
What to Take Camping


Is camping on your summer holiday to-do list? With the warmer weather upon us, many of us are planning our next getaway - including where our next spot for camping is. In this article, we will be giving you our top recommended essentials, which you must include in your camping bag this year!

What to Take Camping

Is It Really Camping Without a Tent?

Camping has always been an affordable and fun holiday option - especially with the children off school for the summer. The beauty of camping is that you can pitch your tent just about anywhere. Fancy going to the midlands this year? Easy! Want to have a holiday by the seaside? No problem! Your tent can be your home point for the week. 

When it comes to purchasing a tent, it’s important to consider the size. How many people will be sharing the space? Do you want separate compartments which act as bedrooms? Is the tent going to need to house an air mattress or are you going to rough it with a sleeping bag on the floor? All important things to consider! Also, looking at the quality of a tent is also a key consideration when shopping around. Now, we have all had a tent that has almost blown away in the wind or has got soaked through during a night of heavy rainfall. So, it’s important that if you are spending more than one night in your tent oasis, then spending a little more could be a good option. 

Remember To Pack Your Sleeping Bag!

When you think of camping, after pinning down which tent you will be needing, getting a sleeping bag is surely next on the agenda. Nothing is better than snuggling up in a sleeping bag after a long day of hiking or walking, so choosing one which will keep you comfortable throughout the night and also leave you raring to go for the next day is a definite must.  

Some of the main things to consider are fit and temperature rating. When it comes to fit, some bags come in a standard, unisex sizing, which typically means that they will fit an average man. If you need a bigger single sleeping bag, a small child-sized one, or even a double one for couples, then you may need to check the label and shop around a little more.

Next is the temperature rating. Each and every different sleeping bag has a different temperature gauge. If you are planning to go camping in the summer, it may be worth looking at a lighter sleeping bag. If you are hiking, you could also shed valuable weight off of what you are carrying by simply picking a much more compact sleeping bag with a lower temperature rating. 

Personal Hygiene Is Key

When staying outdoors for a prolonged period of time, personal hygiene quickly becomes one of our main priorities. You still want to feel comfortable, clean, and fresh, even if you are spending your days strolling through mountains, forests or getting a feel for some of the local nature trails.  We would recommend having some dry shampoo on hand, for those days when you can’t find a shower. As well as, some compact deodorant, waterless soap, wet wipes, and even some sustainable sanitary bags from FabLittleBag which you can dispose of in a way that is kind to the environment you are spending so much of your time in. 

Let There Be Light!

There is nothing worse than needing the toilet in the middle of the night whilst camping and having to wander in the dark to try and find the nearest loo. One of your top priorities when packing your bag for camping is to ensure you have a torch or lantern. This will ensure you can light your way during those nightly trips to the camping site toilets. Also, remember to pack fresh batteries!


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