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Great British Cyclist Blaine Hunt at the velodrome carrying the Yellow Kitbrix Hero Bag.
Great British Cyclist Blaine Hunt at the velodrome carrying the Yellow Kitbrix Hero Bag.

Meet Blaine Hunt, a remarkable individual whose journey from trauma to triumph exemplifies the resilience and determination of the human spirit. As a teenager, Blaine faced a life-altering event during what should have been a routine knee surgery. A surgical mishap resulted in the severing of his popliteal artery, leading to complications and nerve damage that affected his right leg’s mobility.

Despite the challenges posed by his injury, Blaine refused to let it define him. Instead, he channelled his determination into para cycling, where his limited ankle joint range and nerve damage made to compete. In March 2021, Blaine joined the esteemed Great Britain Cycling Team, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his athletic journey.

But Blaine’s story doesn’t end there. Beyond his remarkable achievements on the cycling track, he is a qualified British Cycling track coach, imparting his knowledge and passion for the sport to aspiring athletes. As the founder of and, Blaine shares his expertise with cyclists of all levels, helping them reach their full potential.

Before embarking on his career as a professional cyclist and coach, Blaine made significant contributions to the television industry. With experience working for every major broadcaster in the UK, he has covered prestigious sporting events such as Olympics, Commonwealth Games, and Champions League. Blaine’s passion for producing content shines through his work, reflecting his unwavering dedication to excellence.

Today, Blaine continues to balance his athletic pursuits with his passion for content creation through As he seeks out partnerships with cycling-based brands that resonate with his growing, Blaine remains committed to sharing his love for cycling with the world.

Blaine is a huge fan of our KitBrix bags, using them daily for training and racing. Likewise, we are huge fan of Blaine. 

Blaine Hunt’s journey serves a testament to power of perseverance and transformative potential of sport. Through adversity, he has emerged stronger, inspiring others to pursue their dreams with courage and determination. As he continues to make his mark on the cycling world, Blaine stands a beacon of hope and possibility for aspiring athletes everywhere.


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