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KitBrix's expedition!
KitBrix's expedition!

Mike Scotting, who works as an Expedition Leader and Geology Lecturer in remote locations around the world.

Mike’s work as an Expedition Guide and Lecturer have taken him to some of the most far-flung places around the world. He has worked on voyages journeying beyond both of the Arctic and Antarctic Polar Circles. He has driven small Zodiac(TM) boats to beaches in South Georgia where the King Penguins number in the hundreds of thousands. In Antarctica he has had humpback whales swim up alongside his boat and look meaningfully into the eyes of his guests. When working ashore in the Arctic Mike is a qualified Polar Bear Guard, and has to carry a large calibre rifle to protect his guests against incursion by one of very few predators known to actively hunt humans.

Away from the ice of the Polar regions Mike has crossed the Pacific Ocean and landed at some of the most remote islands of the world, from the Pitcairn Islands, the original hideaway of the mutineers from HMS Bounty, to Easter Island. 


In all his work Mike needs to carry a range of safety equipment, from spare hats and gloves for his guests, to an advanced GPS unit and first aid equipment. You can imagine that, from time to time, he also takes an array of camera equipment with him to capture the incredible sights he gets to experience. Mike uses his KitBrix to keep all of this equipment safe and secure from water, even when driving through large swells and surf in the pacific, or through 50 knot katabatic winds at the poles. Keeping this equipment safe from knocks and from water is key to his work and he can’t take any chances on the bag he chooses to use…


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