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The Ultimate Kit Bag for Swimmers

Rugged Waterproof Base + Unique Zipping System

A rugged waterproof base protects your gear against the pool and outside elements time and time again meaning you don't have to worry about the rain, rocks or wind.

Each KitBrix bag can be zipped to another to form a rucksack. Perfect for race day and when you need to separate your wetsuit or swim gear from fresh clothes after a training session ready for the day.


Durability + Comfort

The double lined tarpaulin makes your KitBrix bag very durable. Get it dirty? Just wipe clean after use or hose your KitBrix down.

Each KitBrix has a large, reinforced grab handle and padded shoulder strap for ultimate comfort from pool trips to coastal adventures.


" The construction is superb and as a storage system it is faultless. Can't recommend them highly enough "

- Michael Calvin

Other Essentials For Swimmers...

The KitMat

Our newly designed KitMat is as versatile as it is strong. Transition Mat. Gym and workout Mat. Changing Mat. Your own personal space mat.

From wet changing rooms to sandy shorelines, your KitMat will provide a soft and dry changing space, wherever your swimming adventures take you.


The Microfibre Towel

Quick drying 4x faster than a regular towel, the KitBrix Microfibre Towel will save you time and enable you to get on the move sooner. Did we also mention it is made from super soft Microfibre Material and feels great against the skin when drying? What a bonus.


The Pokit

Built and designed from double-lined weather proof tech material and easy wipe waterproof inner, this pack away rucksack is for everyday use where weight and durability are essential. Combine with your KitBrix for ultimate organisation.


The KitStraps

Kick your level of organisation into high gear with our set of 5 KitStraps. Perfect for expeditions where different daily kit requires separation as well as activity breaks where multiple items run risk of being packed loose in the same bag.


No one likes messy kit. Stow your gear.


The DobiPak


Our newly designed 12 Litre double lined Dry Bag with waterproof inner lining and honeycomb outer in Gun Metal Grey. Ideal for separating those soggy wetsuits from your clean gear and technology.


Where will your KitBrix take you?


KitBrix is recommended by NOWCA, the UK's leading open water safety technology and venue network, go to to find out more.