Review | CityBrix V2 - Fit for a photographer

I had been using my CityBrix V1 as my photography bag for all of my shoots around the UK and EU.

My CityBrix V1 has provided me with a suitable amount of space to carry all my essentials and camera equipment however, I always struggled to take my 15" laptop anywhere and I was worried about the water reisstance in quick showers as I am carrying expensive kit.



These points were considered when designing the CityBrix V2, and now, with a test version released I had a good opportunity to trial it during a recent trip to Murcia, Spain with the Vitus Pro Cycling team.



The separate laptop compartment at the back of the CityBrix meant that I could access my laptop quickly with no hassle of juggling around other bits in my bag when I needed to use it.

I have done several shoots with cycle teams to know what camera equipment I am going to need. I use a Canon 5D mark ii body and 50mm and a 124mm lens, a couple of lens hoods and filters so I knew the CityBrix V2 would be a perfect fit for all my equipment.

I have always struggled to find a camera bag that allowed me to access equipment quickly and easily and with the CityBrix V2 I just knew that all of my camera gear was located together in the padded bottom compartment of my bag. The top compartment, I just used for storing my essentials and other work things, notepad, charger etc.

" I have always struggled to find a camera bag that allowed me to access equipment quickly and easily..."



I found it the ideal bag to use for photography. It became pretty heavy with a laptop as well as all my camera kit but it still remained comfortable to travel with. I would recommend the CityBrix to any photographer who wants to travel with one bag for all their camera and perosnal items. WHat really ticked the box for me is that I can use it as hand luggage on all airlines and the ballistic nylon meant that my kit was in safe hands.


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