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swim bag
swim bag

With the sun emerging for summer 2020, many of us can see the sea calling our names. There is nothing quite like the feeling of cool water running over your body as you cut through the waves, agreed? Whether you are an old hand and swim regularly, or you are feeling inspired by the recent circumstances to take up a new hobby, you may be in need of a swim kit bag. Whilst a bin liner would technically do, we think you can do much better than that...

swimming kit bag

What is the Best Swim Bag?

Here at Kitbrix we have designed the ultimate sports kit bag for swimmers. Each feature is uniquely designed to keep your swim kit organised, dry and separate from your wet gear. From icy lake swims to pool training sessions, your Kitbrix will always have your back (and your kit!). 

So what makes the Kitbrix the best swimming kit bag?

  • Durable and waterproof base: When you are streamlining through the water, you won’t want your mind to wander to whether your kit will be soaking up the water on the beach, or the moisture from the floor of the changing room. Whilst you are working on your form, you can rest assured knowing that the lightweight but durable base of your Kitbrix swim kit bag will keep your kit dry, clean and off the ground. Our sports kit bags also are stand-alone so you won’t be faced with a messy kit when you emerge from the water.
  • Unique zipping system: After completing another swimming session the last thing you need is the water from your towel and kit soaking your dry kit and technology. Kitbrix is designed with a unique zipping system to solve this exact issue. Each Kitbrix can be zipped to one another, forming separate compartments whilst still acting as one bag. One compartment for your dry swim kit, one for your wet or sandy kit. Did we also mention that there is a hugely robust side pocket on the inside for valuables too? Simple, organised, kit! 
  • Waterproof and washable: One of the most important features that makes the Kitbrix the best swim kit bag is it is completely waterproof and washable. The last thing you need is water dripping through your sports kit bag onto the back seat of your car, or the material moulding over where it has collected moisture. Your swimming rucksack can be wiped down or hosed out after every use, so you don’t have to fear the sand or the mud when you are on your next adventure. 
  • Convertible straps: To help you take your swim kit from the heated indoor pool, to the sandy beaches of the coast, each bag can be zipped together to form a lightweight packable rucksack. If your swim is coupled with a hike or a cycle, you won’t have to worry about your bag getting in the way. Alternatively our lightweight nylon 8” strap is completely adjustable and has a padded shoulder attachment for added comfort. 
  • Personalised insert: To keep your kit truly organised, each sports kit bag comes with a personalised insert. This can be used for a swimming graphic, team details, personal contact information… or if you want to be really organised, a kit list. 
  • Personalised bag: Did you know that here at Kitbrix we also offer completely customisable bags? If you are part of a swim team for example, we can create each member a Kitbrix swim kit bag complete with your team colours and logo!

  • You can shop the Kitbrix Swim Kit Bag here

    swimming kit bag

    What should I put in my swim bag?

    To help you stay organised, we have also included an essentials list for your swim kit bag…

    • Goggles to protect your eyes

    • Ear plugs to prevent water from entering your ears

    • Microfiber towel (shop here) for fast and easy drying

    • A resistance based swimming accessory e.g. resistance socks or a weighted belt

    • A logbook to track your swim and progress

    • Post workout snack

    • Water bottle

    • Wetsuit/tri suit/swim trunks/swimming costume

    swimming kit bag


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