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What is the Best OCR Sports Bag?
What is the Best OCR Sports Bag?


We all know the drill, but if you don’t; OCR racing is a sport in which the competitor, on foot, has to overcome various obstacles and physical challenges along the way inducing slides, log or sandbag carries, cargo nets, barbed wire low crawls and climbing walls. As a year round event, the conditions of OCR’s vary from rain and mud, to sun and dust, so you’re going to need a durable bag that can withstand the tests of mother nature.

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KitBrix bags are the answer. Built with a durable base, waterproof lining and material that can be easily wiped clean, you can store your clean and dirty gear in separate compartments to make sure you’re as prepared physically as you are mentally for the race.

Benefits of KitBrix Bags

Using a KitBrix bg as an OCR sports bag has countless benefits, making it the only choice for event day and training.


Seperate compartments keep your kit organised. I’m sure you’ve faced the challenge of separating clean and dirty gear before. With The KitBrix, that’s taken care of. Each compartment is visibly unique with our supplied icons and designed to keep your gear from getting mixed up and easy to locate, saving the hassle of unzipping every section to find what you need.


The robust and durable base on all KitBrix bags is great for dumping your bag on any surface. In an OCR race, it’s likely you’ll be dropping your stuff on a muddy field or a wet bench. 

Waterproof, mudproof and sweatproof. The bags are easily cleaned and hold all types of dirty kit, from wet and muddy to dry and clean. Every bag comes with a removable shoulder strap too, so whichever way you carry it, it’s comfortable and convenient. 


Too much stuff to fit in one bag? Get yourself another one! Each KitBrix bag can be zipped to another to form a rucksack and easily draggable, saving time in transition and travel.


If you’re travelling a long way to get to the OCR course, KitBrix bags are the perfect travel size. They also provide safe storage whenever you are. 

What To Bring To An OCR

But what do we put in an OCR bag? As the changing seasons can really impact the race, it’s important you come correct with the right gear. Whether it’s a Tough Mudder or Spartan, your first or 10th race, or just competing for fun or to raise money - be prepared! 

Wearing the right attire and bringing the right stuff will really make the day, and the race, a lot easier. And your KitBrix bag will store it all perfectly!

You’re going to be on your feet all day, and your feet will be taking you from the start to the finish line. One of your KitBrix Bag sections should fit a pair of these nicely! Invest in a good pair of Obstacle Course Specific Trail Shoes. Trail shoes can vary on everything from the drop, depth of the tread, dry weight and wet weight.

Use another compartment for some lightweight, form-fitting and fast drying wear, which shouldn’t take up too much space at all. This type of clothing will help your body maintain temperature in line with the weather, and won’t drag you down, giving you the edge to perform at best you can. It’s best to avoid wearing any cotton, too. This slightly bulkier material will hold water and ultimately slow you down, and take up much needed space in your bag.

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Whatever the sport, KitBrix bags are unmatched in design, quality and organisation. Discover the KitBrix Collection to find the right one for you. 

Racing with a team? Be seen with custom team sports bags.


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