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How and Why You Should Keep Training During Lockdown
How and Why You Should Keep Training During Lockdown

With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus spreading worldwide, the UK has gone into lockdown. With this lockdown comes a shift in how many of us live our day-to-day lives, fitness and training included. With this comes postponed triathlons, marathons and OCR races to name a few. In addition to this, places where training usually takes place are also closed such as beaches, swimming pools and gyms.  

Whilst these closures have been essential in slowing the spread of Coronavirus and protecting the vulnerable, these events and location closures have undoubtedly caused feelings of frustration from those who know and love fitness as much as we do. Particularly if you have been training for a specific event, these cancellations can result in wanting to give up and put all training on hold. After all, what would be the point in training if not for an event? Here at Kitbrix we believe that continuing on with training, despite the current circumstances is the best thing you can do, and here’s why…

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Why you should keep training during lockdown

1. Mental health

Taking part in endurance events and training is not all about physical fitness. For many, if not all athletes, fitness brings joy and purpose and a goal to strive towards. This is something needed now more than ever! Even if you do not have an event to aim for, try setting yourself a personal goal. Whether this is a distance you can run, a weight you can lift, or simply improving your form. 

2. Physical health

One of the biggest benefits of maintaining your training during lockdown is physical fitness. With many of our usual day to day activities put on hold, working on your fitness can keep you feeling healthy, positive and full of energy. Now you have the time to focus on the areas of fitness that usually get overlooked. If you’re looking for inspiration you can read our blog ‘How To Bike Train Without a Bike’ here.

3. Be prepared

Just think… as soon event restrictions lift, you’ll be the one ready and raring to go!

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How to keep triathlon training during lockdown

1. Follow government guidelines

When continuing on with your training and fitness it is important to always abide by the current government regulations. Currently in the UK we are still allowed out of our houses for 1 hour of exercise per day. Make the most of this opportunity whilst ensuring you maintain at least a 2 metre distance from others and only venture out in your surrounding areas. Keep and eye out for any updates and changes to this!

2. Online

Whilst this current lockdown has inhibited us from connecting with others physically, the internet has proven its value in keeping everyone connected virtually. If like many of us, you thrive better in social training environments such as classes and gyms, keeping up training at home can be a struggle. With many people in a similar state of mind, the internet has delivered with an abundance of live workout classes and forums. Make the most of this to keep on track with your training. 

3. Get motivated and stay motivated

During this uncertain time it can be hard to stay motivated when spending your days binge watching Netflix is all too tempting. Find comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone! Everyone who loves endurance sports and has been training for events is in a similar situation as you. To give you a pep talk and practical advice on keeping up your training, one of our Kitbrix ambassadors Yiannis Christodoulou has written an article for you, our Kitbrix readers. You can read his blog ‘Your Race Has Been Cancelled? Stay Calm, Stay Positive’ here. 

4. Home workout

Did you know that your Kitbrix bag can double as a piece of training equipment? Simply load your bag with weighted objects that you have lying around the house such as tins of soup or bottles of laundry detergent. Strap your Kitbrix to your back to add weight and voila, your workout will be increased in intensity, providing more resistance for your muscles. Climb flights of stairs, go on your daily run or do sets of squats in your living room.  

Simple and unique ideas like this can ensure that your training and fitness can continue uninterrupted even without fancy gym equipment. How about circuit training in the garden, push ups against your kitchen counter whilst cooking or doing wall sits in front of the TV?

To help you out and give you some more ideas we have created a blog post to help you adapt to the new way of living. You can read about ‘How To Switch From a Workout to a Work-in’ here.

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