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3 Ways To Stay Organised When Being Active
3 Ways To Stay Organised When Being Active


Being active is not just about your health, but it’s also about your mental well being as well. A good way to maintain peace of mind when being active is to stay organised. The act of organisation can be one of the keys to success when it comes to you getting the most out of your weekly exercise.

Luckily for you, there are ways to do this. Below we’ve devised our KitBrix top tips on staying organised when exercising and being active.


Use A KitBrix Bag To Stay Organised

We strongly believe that if you keep the equipment you use to exercise well organised, then half of the battle of keeping active is already won. Our smart kit bag solution, The KitBrix, has been specifically designed with sports in mind and the bags allow you to remove the stress of preparation. This can be a great psychological advantage when it comes to competing because you can remove the panic of getting your kit together and primarily focus on winning.

Our bags are made out of robust materials, so you can have peace of mind that our bags will protect your valuable equipment no matter how harsh the terrain or climate is. Whatever sport you play, we have the storage solution for you.



Never Lose Your Key Again

The days of having to bring your key with you when out exercising are long gone and you will never have to worry about losing your key ever again with The Keysafe Company’s range of police preferred key safes. These tamper-proof lockboxes are great for storing your home keys whether you live in the city or the countryside. Installing a key safe will stop you from constantly checking your pockets every time you go over a bump on your bike or step over a puddle on your run. Key safes are the perfect devices to help you stay organised when being active. Ideal to help you to free up more time for you to get more exercise!

Stay Organised With A Home Smart Device


Sick of having to keep a diary or adding constant notes on your phone? Why not invest in a home smart device that will give you reminders on the go. The two best home smart devices on the market at the moment are Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Nest Mini. These smart devices are great in helping you stay organised when being active. They remove the need to remember your exercise schedule and can promptly remind you when your next gym session is. They can be integrated with your smartwatch as well for control all of the time. In addition, home smart devices can help with your daily motivation as they can help you wake up and keep to your morning exercise routine.


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