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What Should You Pack in Your Gym Bag?
What Should You Pack in Your Gym Bag?

There’s nothing worse than getting to the gym and realising you’ve left something vital behind. Whether you’re a dedicated gym bunny or you’re starting your fitness journey, we’re here to help you pack your bag, hit the mat and get active!

First things first, your KitBrix is going to be your best friend. With its endless possibilities and multiple compartments, you won’t be lost for inspiration when it comes to packing up your gear. The KitBrix separates your stuff so you can keep your dry bits fresh and your wet gear apart with separate wet and dry sections. 

If you’re a big city dweller or a full-time commuter, a wise choice would be a CityBrix. A pre-work workout or an after-work session to let off some steam, your CityBrix will easily carry all of your work essentials as well as your gym gear in a separate compartment. 

Don’t stop there, add on a DobiPak for those sweaty, dirty clothes and grubby shoes. Our DobiPak is a dry bag with a waterproof inner lining, with enough thickness to keep those post-workout smells safe from unpleasant smells. So whether you’ve squeezed in a swim after your session or you’re one of the sweatier ones, you won’t be disappointed.  

Now you’ve secured the bag, fill it up!

Workout Clothing

Straight to the gym from work? Getting a workout in between your errands? Don’t forget to pack some quick-drying workout clothes, or whatever you feel comfortable in. 

Workout Log

For novice trainers and beginners, a workout log is a no-brainer. Track your progress with each visit and let the results speak for themselves. If you’re old school, throw in your notebook and your favourite pen, otherwise, your phone or tablet will fit in nicely. 

Water Bottle

Stay hydrated throughout your workout and give your body back the minerals and electrolytes it’ll use up. Care for mother nature and the environment, grab your reusable water bottle and ditch those single-use plastics. Greta Thunberg will be proud. 


If you’ve perfected the best, most motivating playlist for your workout, make sure you’ve packed your headphones. Remember gym etiquette, not everyone enjoys the same music as you do - and not everyone wants to hear it! 


While we’re on the topic of gym etiquette, sweat happens. Of course, it does, you’re exercising! Be mindful of excess dripping in the machines and mop it up after your set. Someone else is likely waiting for you to move on so they can use that machine, and if it’s covered in sweat, it’s not the most pleasant! A smaller hand towel or a quick-drying Microfibre Towel will do perfectly. And don’t forget your towel for the showers! 

What happens after you’ve finished your workout? Check out our blog on post-workout recovery to ensure you’re in the best condition for the next one. 

If you’re still a little hesitant to return to the gym after an unprecedented year, or maybe you much prefer your home workouts, read up on our at-home workout routine


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