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Best Running Bag
Best Running Bag

We’re all looking for more ways to make our runs and workouts that little bit easier, whether you’re looking for the perfect shoes or the best running bag, or even a way to secure your water bottle to you without holding it. 

But when it comes to a bag for running, there are so many things to consider. Will running with a bag alter my technique? How do I stop the bag from swinging around when I’m in full stride? Which backpack is the best for running? Is it even ok for my back to run with a backpack? Don’t stress, much like a KitBrix Bag, we’re here to piece it together for you.  

Is it okay to run with a backpack?

Of course. As a high-calorie-burning form of exercise, people often run with backpacks to get in better shape and improve their form while running. However, it’s wise that you do some research into which backpacks are suitable for runners to prevent any shoulder or back strain and injury. You’ll want to check out backpacks that come with a chest strap or waist belt so the bag itself fits tightly onto your back. 

As research suggests, running with a weighted backpack (or with weights in your backpack) can drastically improve your running performance. It’s also known that running with a backpack increases energy expenditure by up to 15%, so in turn, you’re burning more calories and building more muscle by running with a backpack. Bonus!

What is the best backpack for running? 

We all need a bag for different reasons, and different bags serve so many different purposes for the requirements we might have. For example, you might be filling your bag with additional weights to strengthen your muscles and improve your technique, or you only need to store a bottle of water or your house keys. But your search stops here because we think we’ve found you the ultimate running bag ...

PoKit Daypack

Introducing the PoKit Daypack. A lightweight and durable backpack perfectly complimenting the KitBrix range and fit for every occasion. Built and designed from double-lined weatherproof tech material and easy wipe waterproof inner, this pack away rucksack is for everyday use where weight and durability meet.

This multi-purpose bag is perfect for hiking day trips, family days out, your daily run or muddy races as well as situations where you may need to be carrying extra equipment effectively. If that wasn’t enough, the backpack can be folded down into a ball small enough to fit into your pocket, making it the perfect lightweight, packable rucksack.

How do I stop my backpack from bouncing when I run? 

As we mentioned before, it would be ideal if the runner’s bag you’re looking at comes with a strap that connects across your front or a belt for around the midsection. Whilst keeping the bag snug on your back, the additional straps will also prevent the bag from bouncing around on your back when you’re running. And by applying this extra weight to your hips, you’re also incorporating your glutes and core into the workout which will also keep the weight from your shoulders, avoiding any injury up there. 

Why should your running gear stop at a backpack and running shoes? Check out the running collection at KitBrix now!


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