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The ToteBrix Tale: KitBrix partners with Paula Radcliffe
The ToteBrix Tale: KitBrix partners with Paula Radcliffe

The latest addition to the KitBrix product range also saw a fresh perspective in the design department – from none other than endurance athletics legend, family fitness advocate and mother of two, Paula Radcliffe. Who better to lend an expert eye to KitBrix’ first lifestyle luggage design?! We spoke to Paula to learn more about the process, and how this partnership came about.

Where did you first come across KitBrix?

I was introduced to the brand by a friend who was a KitBrix fan. Although I’m not a triathlete I am most certainly a fan of being organised – and I was so impressed by the simplicity of the concept. As someone on the go, constantly travelling and ferrying kids around to different events, having several KitBrix in my life has made things a lot easier!

Was there anything in particular that drew you to the brand?

I want to support all things that help make exercising regularly easier, across all activities, while also protecting the environment. This is also the approach that KitBrix takes to its business, so this definitely caught my attention. My children have loved the use of their KitBrix change robe poncho for commuting to training and games as well as changing afterwards in inclement weather. The team at KitBrix also have a genuine determination to help others invest in their healthy activities, just as I aim to do with my ‘Families On track’ concept, so we are clearly aligned.

How did the ToteBrix design develop?

The original bag design – while I could understand the problem being solved – wasn’t something that particularly worked for me as an on-the-go bag. However, when development of the ToteBrix began I wanted to be more involved.

I met with Lara and the team at The Running Show to see the first stage prototypes. The blueprint for the bag appealed to me straight away, pairing the technical aspects of the KitBrix range with a broader, lifestyle-oriented design. I brought in some additional considerations to suit people juggling ‘normal’ and sporting life like me – for example I always have a reusable water bottle with me, and want fast access to items like my phone, keys or wallet. Quick but secure access to, and protection of, a laptop was also vital. Plus the important innovation of being able to attach the tote to a wheel suitcase securely. I wouldn’t be without it for the dash through an airport!

Are there any particular features you think people should know about?

The waterproof base is a no-brainer, really. The simple peace of mind it gives you, knowing that you can rest it on any surface be it wet, muddy, snow, grass, rocky etc, and the kit inside won’t get wet – the ToteBrix just naturally becomes the bag you pick up every time you leave the house.

The sustainability factor of the fabric and longer straps to comfortably fit a shoulder can seem like background features, but are really useful in terms of the whenever-wherever convenient use of the bag. It's not just for sports by any means! It looks smart for travelling and can transition quickly to the sports field or wherever needed while protecting all my essentials inside. Lastly, I have to say I love the ease of unzipping the flap and knowing I can drop it on top of my suitcase when travelling and leave my hands free without worrying about it toppling off!

Who have you designed the ToteBrix bag for?

The ToteBrix is the perfect bag for anyone trying to fit all of life’s needs and desires into a busy day, whether it’s the juggling of all the family’s ‘stuff’ or simply making the commute and exercise day easier.

Combine it with the super convenient Dobipak dry bag from KitBrix and you can’t go wrong – separate the sweats from everyone else, and this bag helps you go all day through workouts. It solves the problem of needing quick access to work and play kit with smart features that allow one to be hands-free when needed.


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