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How to Switch From a Workout to a 'Work In'
How to Switch From a Workout to a 'Work In'

For most people working out is deeply ingrained in their routine. Wake up, exercise, shower, go to work. Or… leave work, go to the gym, shower, come home, dinner. Having exercise as part of your daily schedule keeps you on track to your fitness goal by making exercise a habit. Whilst this routine ensures you are working out regularly, when your routine is disrupted, your exercise routine can go awry. So what happens when gyms shut and we are asked to stay at home?

Here at Kibrix we understand how challenging it can be to switch from a workout to a ‘work in’. So we have a few tips here to help you out and keep you working towards your fitness goals. Whether that is a future race, general fitness or a positive mental state. So where to begin?

home workout

1. Make a workout schedule 

This is the first and one of the most important steps. Creating a workout schedule or routine gives you something to aim towards each day. It means you will get up, get dressed, exercise and shower. Without a home workout schedule it can be easy to say “I will just do it tomorrow… or the next day… or the next”. The benefit of being at home is that you can workout whenever suits you best. Prefer a morning session? Do it. Fancy an afternoon of exercises? Why not. 

2. Stick to it

Creating a home workout schedule is all well and good, but you have to stick to it. If it helps, rope in a family member to do your workout routine with. This will hold you accountable and you will have someone else cheering you on. 

3. Get motivated

Getting motivated to workout at home can be the toughest hurdle. There’s not the atmosphere that you get at the gym, no personal trainers and you’re working out on your own. This can make slobbing in front of the tele all the more tempting. One sure fire way to get yourself motivated is getting dressed in your gym gear. This will put you in the right headspace and you’re already halfway there. If you need another extra boost of motivation, why not join an online class? They often happen live so you will have a set start and finish time, and others working out alongside you (even if it’s not in person!).

4. At home equipment

Another hurdle you may encounter when switching from a workout to a ‘work in’ is the lack of gym equipment. But remember, you don’t need fancy gear to get in a good exercise session! There are plenty of everyday objects that you’ll have lying around the house that you can turn into home exercise equipment. Who needs a StairMaster when you have the stairs? Why not try using a large bottle of laundry detergent as dumbbells? A fancy weighted pack? Pfft, you can just fill your Kitbrix backpack with cans of soup. 

home workout

5. Get out once per day

If you are getting ‘cabin fevery’, remember that you can take your ‘work in’ outside. Take this time to enjoy a run in the park or set out a circuit in your back garden. 

6. Stay safe

At home you won’t have the personal trainers or guidance that you may usually have. This can mean injuries are more likely. Stick to what you know and feel comfortable with. However, if you do want to try something new, seek advice or follow instructions from a reliable source. Stay safe!

7. Repeat

This comes back to that first step, creating an at home workout schedule. Stick to it, keep it regular and add in rest days!


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