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How to Bike Train Without a Bike
How to Bike Train Without a Bike


If you are training for a triathlon or long distance bike race, part of your training will be to improve your cycling. Whilst the most obvious way to do this is physically riding your bike, this is not the only way. If it is winter, you're stuck indoors, your bike is out for repair or you simply just want to mix it up, making your training routine flexible is sometimes a necessity. So how can you bike train without a bike?


Starting off easy, walking is an alternative way to improve your fitness. This is also one of the easiest training activities to fit into your daily schedule. Whether you change up your morning commute on the bus for a brisk walk, venture into the countryside on your weekend or take a 20 minute walk on your lunch hour, this will improve your activity levels and keep you moving throughout the day. 


Just as cycling can become addictive, so can running. Switching up your cycling routine with running can not only improve overall fitness, but it increases your stamina and muscle tone. This is also a very accessible form of cardio, anyone can get stuck in. All you need are some appropriate running shoes and your favourite motivational playlist. Keep in mind though that this is a relatively high impact activity for your joints, so if you aren’t already a runner… ease into it. 

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Home Workouts

Life can get hectic sometimes, which makes leaving the house at the end of the day sometimes not an option. If you are looking to squeeze in an at-home workout without having to go to the gym or mount a bike, these workouts could be your answer.

  • Lunges: Lunges are an amazing cycling specific workout that targets the particular leg muscles you’ll use on the saddle. They are also super easy to do at home without any fancy gym equipment. Not only do lunges improve quad strength but they also improve hip flexibility and strengthen your hamstrings. If you are new to lunges, start with 5 to 15 reps, ensuring it is a slow and controlled move that lines your knee up with the edge of your toe. 
  • Skipping rope: You may have a skipping rope lying around the house somewhere or even a weighty length of rope will do. This may sound like something that is meant for the playground, but skipping rope is a fun way to build up the muscles in your calf and improve your endurance. If you are feeling confident you can level up by pulling your knee towards your chest and alternate every skip. 
  • The Wrestler’s Squat: This exercise is excellent for strengthening your core, improving balance, developing endurance and improving leg strength. You also don't need any fancy equipment! Start by kneeling on the floor and using one leg at a time step up into a squatting position… and then one leg at a time returning to a kneel. Repeat this for 60 seconds and you will start to feel the burn.
  • One-Leg Bridge Changeovers: Glutes are just as vital for your cycling performance, and this one is just for them. Start by laying on your back with both feet flat on the floor and your arms by your side palms down. Next, lift your pelvis off the floor, and one leg at a time, extend your foot out and squeeze your glute. Keep going for one minute!

  • Swimming

    Swimming is a fun alternative to cycling that will also enhance your performance on the bike. Swimming is not only a full body workout, but one that is low impact on your joints. This makes it a great way to return to training after an injury.

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    Spin Classes

    Spin classes are a fun way of mixing up your usual cycling routine. If the weather is stopping you from hitting the bike trails or you are trying to squeeze in a quick workout, this is an easy option. These classes are usually fun, with high energy music blaring, other riders pushing their limits and a determined teacher that will hype you up to cycle even harder. You will also have to book into a class which will hold you to it!


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