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Keep Your Kids Entertained this Spring: 5 Outdoor Activities
Keep Your Kids Entertained this Spring: 5 Outdoor Activities
Keeping your kids entertained isn't always easy, so we have compiled a list of outdoor activities, which are sure to delight the whole family! So put on your hiking boots, get the bike out of the shed and get exploring! 
  • Challenge them to spot signs of spring

Taking a nature walk in the spring can be a delightful experience as the signs of the new season are all around you, and you don’t have to go far! You might notice the colourful blooming flowers, budding trees, and the chirping of birds. The air is fresher and the sun is warmer, giving you a sense of rejuvenation. If you’re really lucky you might also spot some baby animals, such as ducklings, as they begin to emerge from their nests. Organisations like the RSPB have a wealth of resources to help - like this handy worksheet.


  • Take a swim on the wild side

Going for a wild water swim as a family can be a thrilling experience, whether you're going for a swim in a nearby lake or even deciding to brave the sea! Of course, staying warm and cosy after the swim is important – chilly kids are rarely cheerful kids! Luckily we know someone who can help with that – our ponchos are the perfect solution to keep you toasty and dry. Their soft, absorbent material and cosy-yet-roomy design make changing out of wet clothes a breeze. Dive into the adventure!

  • Find a new picnic spot

Whether you're in the north of the UK or South, there are plenty of options for a memorable lunch al-fresco. This article from Countryfile highlights some of the country's best picnic spots. Castles, waterfalls or hilltop viewpoints: you'll be sure to find something that entertains you and your little ones. It’s also an ideal adventure to make use of your Kitbrix bag to pack your picnic favourites.

  • Shinrin-yoku (forest bathing)

While not super well-known in the UK, the concept of forest bathing isn't new. The practice came about in Japan in the 1980’s, and the health benefits of the links between nature, body and mind have been proven through a series of studies in the following years. It’s not complicated – simply walking around in a forest with open eyes and an open mind will allow you to connect with the nature around you. Mindfulness, away from the screen and busy home life, can be beneficial for the whole family. Check out this guide from Forestry England for tips to get started.


  • Go for a bike ride

Enjoy a Fun Family Adventure on Two Wheels! Looking for a great activity to do with your children? Look no further than a family bike ride! Cycling is a low-impact (ideal for anyone who’s just recovered from an injury) way to stay active and promote good physical and mental health. Plus, with the advent of e-bikes, everyone can participate regardless of their fitness level. So, hop on your bike and start pedalling! Cycling UK is a fantastic organisation supporting cycling at all levels, and has some brilliant resources on cycling as a family.


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