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Father's Day: Our Top Pick For Activities To Do With Dad
Father's Day: Our Top Pick For Activities To Do With Dad

As June 19th fast approaches it's nearing that time of the year to show the dad or father figure in your life some extra special love this Father’s Day. As we celebrate dads all over the UK, the team here at KitBrix has put together some of our favourite fun things to do with dad this Father’s Day as well as some great gift ideas for dad to accompany you on whatever you decide to do.

These Father’s Day activities are fun for the whole family, no matter what kind of guy your dad may be. You can surprise him with a hike at a nearby track, take a camping trip in the back garden or even go for a family bike ride. The possibilities are endless and, after all, quality time with family is about the best gift you can give dad on Father's Day. 

Take a Family Hike Outside

A great way to get the whole family outdoors this Father’s Day is to go off into the tranquil wilderness and take a hike. A fun family hike is an excellent way to get outside the house over Father's Day! Both you and dad will have a chance to enjoy some quality family time together either one-on-one, or as a whole family, without the usual distractions found at home. To make it even more exciting, why not create a set of homemade binoculars using cardboard tubes and grab your journal to jot down notes of things you spot whilst out and about. Why not take things that step further and add photos of the day to your journal, which will make for a fun keepsake from your special day or perhaps even a great gift for Father’s Day! Don’t forget your PoKit Daypack, perfect for those hiking days, particularly as it can be rolled up and put in your pocket when it’s not needed.

bike ride

Go For a Family Bike Ride

Going for a bike ride with your dad can be a great way to bond whilst seeing some sights. You can find a trail among nearby mountains, in a local park, or simply in and around your local neighbourhood. If you don’t have bikes for the whole family, don’t worry! You can visit a bike rental within a nearby city as an opportunity to explore some new destinations as a family. If you’re heading out for a day on the bikes, why not check out some of our excellent KitBrix bags for cycling either for the family or simply as a gift for dad this Father’s Day.

Camp In The Back Garden

Camping in the back garden can be just as fun as the real thing, perhaps even more so. It is an excellent way to get in touch with the great outdoors while encouraging a bit of creativity and fun for the family. If you have the facilities to do so, why not consider building a campfire and roasting some s’mores, gazing at the stars, playing some card games or even making a pretend fishing hole - Dad will love this! There is an abundance of exploring and bonding to be had on a family camping trip. So why not treat your dad to a great outdoor getaway without him even needing to leave the house! Keep warm and dry with one of our assorted coloured ponchos and you’re all set for the ultimate camping trip!

poncho on beach

Take The Whole Family To The Beach

Father's Day is a great excuse to get outside and soak up the glorious June sunshine, and what better place to do so than at the beach!? Taking the whole family to the beach for Father’s Day is a truly special way to make memories whilst enjoying a beautiful day outside. Why not go the extra mile for dad and pack a picnic lunch so that he doesn’t need to! If you’re setting sail to your local beach this Father’s Day then you’ll definitely want to bring along something to keep your wet kit stored away in order to keep your dry clothes, well, safe and dry, and leave you with peace of mind all day long.


Take a Weekend Road Trip

Turn Father's Day into a whole weekend event by taking a road trip. A weekend away can be a great way to get some quality time with dad, or the whole family. Even if you decide not to make a holiday out of it, a family drive to a new place will let your father see some new sights that he's never seen before! If you’re going away for a few days, it is a good idea to pack strategically. Consider taking a suitable bag to separate dirty or wet clothing with your clean bits, all whilst keeping your valuables safe and secure.


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