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race belt

The Race Belt

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The KitBrix Race Belt is a race day essential. Whether you are participating in a triathlon or an OCR challenge, this is one bit of kit you won't want to leave behind. Wear it around your waist to securely attach your race number and up to 3 energy gel's for refuelling on the go. Throw it in your KitBrix Bag and rock up to your event knowing you have one less thing to worry about. 

KitBrix Specifications 

- Size: 25mm wide x 92cm long, one size fits most.
- Material: Premium Spandex and Polyester
- Fully size adjustable. One size fit most.
- Ultra-comfortable. High elastic quality to reduce pressure.
- Reflection square provides safety at night during movement.
- With 3 energy gel fixed positions on both sides to meet the energy supply in the race
- Simple fastening system for number 

Time saving tip: Wear your Race Belt under your wetsuit to save you time in transition!

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Customise Your KitBrix

Once your KitBrix arrives, insert your custom Team Icon into the end of your KitBrix bag for ultimate organisation. 

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