The KitBrix kit bag is the No.1 choice for professionals and amateurs alike and is used by teams such as Team Raleigh due to the high level of organisation that it provides with a design perfect for storing your kit on the go

Worldwide Shipping Available ●  Team Icons Available from just 5 bags  ●  KitBrix full range customisation available

Custom Bags for your Team

Once your KitBrix arrives, insert your included KitBrix custom Team Icon into the end of your KitBrix bag for organisation. Ensuring your Team kit is protected and unique.


Top Quality Organisation for important team kit

Robust, hard-bottomed, water-resistant kit bags; which zip together to create a system that is as large or as small as you require for your chosen pursuit. The Iconic Rugged Waterproof Base is just a taste of the unmatched quality and durability offered by KitBrix if your team want to be organised knowing we've got your back!

Custom KitBrix Range Available

Iconic KitBrix products including The KitBrix Bag, PoKit and CityBrix are all available. Get in touch below for your Team Kit Customisation requests

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