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The Gym Starter Kit

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Putting in the grind at the gym is hard enough work as it is – take the easy route where you can, and save the stress of organisation with this carefully curated gym starter kit.

Sweaty and smelly kit has no place in a bag of clean clothes. Keep that stuff contained with your DobiPak – the double-lined dry bag has 12 litres of waterproof storage for your used kit and is fully reversible so you can give it a thorough scrub when you’re done with it.

Give yourself some personal space with the soft-touch KitMat. Not only will it keep your feet happy, but it will also prevent any embarrassing slippages in the changing room thanks to the grippy rubber base.


The Gym Starter Kit includes...

  • DobiPak
  • KitMat
  • Microfibre Towel

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