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changing mat
changing mat
changing mat

The KitMat

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Our newly designed KitMat is as versatile as it is strong. Transition Mat. Gym and workout Mat. Changing Mat. Your own personal space mat.

The KitMat is a versatile sports and activity mat designed for people who need a changing and space solution as well as a perfect way to keep dry and clean in transition. It is light weight and easy to fold, which makes it perfect for
transporting. Suede feel top layer for comfort and a grip base for security.
Strong edging for robustness makes it perfect for outdoors and challenging conditions.

It is also easy to clean and easy to store.

Perfect for triathlons, indoor and outdoor swimming, gym and cross fit, outdoor changing, OCR and all activities that may need a personal changing space.

Equipment Kit List | Suitable for wetsuit or muddy kit and shoes, the DobiPak can hold a wetsuit (XXL) or muddy trainers plus dirty kit.

Specifications |

49cm x 39cm
Microfiber suede top
Black rubber base
2mm thick
Grey colour

*Next day delivery can be requested however due to current staffing situations with couriers and Royal Mail, deliveries cannot be guaranteed. We thank you for your understanding.*

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