KitBrix & The Suffering Race 2017/18

KitBrix & The Suffering Race 2017/18

KitBrix is pleased to announce that they have entered into a formal partnership with The Suffering Race for 2017/18.
Robert Aldous – KitBrix Founder & Director "We are delighted to be able to enter into an official partnership with The Suffering Race having unofficially worked together over the past couple of years.  Drew and Richard are renowned within Obstacle Course Racing for putting on some of the toughest events out there.  There is a clear synergy between the two brands - with the Suffering ensuring you ‘suffer’ out on course, the tough nature of our bags ensures they stand up to the rigours of OCR and that your kit organisation is one less thing to worry about.  No fuss, just organised kit!"

The partnership will see kit support of the Suffering Race Elite Team and will see Team KitBrix including current world number 3 Conor Hancock attending the Suffering events this year and next, culminating in the Suffering Weekender 2018.  Keep your eyes peeled across the next twelve months for Team vs Team challenges which will pit the Suffering Elite against Team KitBrix with special guests.  This partnership will also see a welcome return to the KitBrix shop of the Suffering KitBrix in our OCR Collection and Special Editions section with percentage proceeds going back to support the Suffering Race event. 

Drew Tavernier – Race Director at The Suffering Race - "The Race Director's bag of choice, whether we're in the planning stages or setting up the course, KitBrix keep us organised.  From the city to the course, KitBrix multi-tasks so you don't have to.  I'll never use another bag again!"

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